Writing My Thoughts

I know that some of my blogs look like they are just a bunch of complaints… Not really… They are in a way a form of enlightenment for me since I am able to put into words all that is going on in my life… then I read them over and get that AHA! moment…

The magic of words…

Not just my words but the word of God.

My blogs are my release from all of the pent-up emotions that are battling inside of me. Writing often lends me perspective and enlightenment. It gives me a certain kind of calm in a world that is just broken and downright chaotic. Ballistic is a more apt term, don’t you think?

Writing down my thoughts, putting into words what I feel clears out the cobwebs that are shrouding the light in my heart.

I know that this is God’s way for me to express my feelings… He knows that if I do not get these feelings out, I will downright lose my wits.

I was given a gift (though I know that it’s not perfect…) and I am able to use it.

My way to enlightenment…