Prayer for Today – 10/22/2013

Heavenly Father,

I feel so beaten today. You saw that the job offer that I was waiting for went down the drain. I feel so lost. I have been waiting for it for two weeks and then nothing. I feel so heart-broken. So many disappointments, so many heartaches. It feels like I am being sucked down into a vacuum. You can see I am doing my best, but still, doors are closing left and right.

Where are you taking me Lord? Where do I need to go? What do you want me to do?

I keep on believing knowing that You are with me every step of the way. But Lord… Why is this all happening to me? Why now, when I rely on You so much, why am I not seeing my breakthroughs?

Are you still there Father? Do you still remember me? I feel so lost Jesus. I feel so alone.

Please help me Lord, lead me where I need to go… I am so dense at times, that I often do not get it, so please make the signs clear. You promised that You will always be with me, especially in my time of need. You have seen my afflictions, You have seen the injustice.

I still believe in You Father, I am just so broken-hearted right now. I feel so hurt and  disappointed. Please be with me. Please help me. I need You so much. I have no one but You. Please Lord, have mercy on me and my child.


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