Prayer for the Day – 09/26/2013


First off, I would like to thank You. You gave me a miracle today… I don’t know how it happened but I was able put together enough money to pay my water bill. It was an amazing feat Lord, I know that it was because of You. Thank You so much.

Please bless my neighbor who owns the small convenience store near my house. She is helping me and my child so much.

Next on the list… Lord God, I ask for your forgiveness… I keep on losing my temper with my child these days. I guess it’s from the influence of her dad and his family on her when they visit her at school. Please cover her with Your precious blood. I ask that her warrior angels will strike down the evil spirits that are trying to influence her. Heal her from all the hurts and pains that she is going through emotionally. Forgive me Father for the moments when I feel lost, afraid and tempted by the enemy. Cover me with Your precious blood Lord Jesus.
Forgive me for any sins that I have committed today, Father God, cleanse my heart, soul, mind as I lay down to sleep.

Give me the strength Lord to hold on and keep believing. Help me as I fight the enemy. I lift all of my troubles to You. My burden is heavy, I am worn out, I need You.

Be with me always, Lord. I claim the victory that is mine through the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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