Prayer for the Day – 09/21/2013


As I close my eyes and seek the peace of sleep, I offer You the broken pieces of my life. You know what I feel, You see what I am going through and You alone know where I am going to. I lay all at Your feet. I am nothing without You.

My Lord and Savior, in each step that I take, I know that You are the one orchestrating all of my steps. What I am going through is so bleak for me, but I know that all of this is just a part of the big picture that is my life. I don’t understand what is going on right now, it leaves me confused and aching. I feel so down and discouraged at times that often I want to give up and just end my life… for I do not see a purpose and I do not see anything happening.

Forgive me for thinking this way… forgive me Lord, I am so sorry… Forgive me for the moments when I feel so weak and discouraged.

Father, in You alone will I see the miracles in my life. Each and everyday, I wait and hope for the breakthroughs that You have in store for me and my child.

Father, please see me as someone worthy of Your grace and mercy. I am nothing without You.

For everything that I am, for all of my prayers and intentions, I offer and ask them through the mighty name of Jesus the Lord, now and forever, Amen.

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